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Tenrec Species

Updated June 4, 2022. The following classification has been assembled by members of the IUCN Afrotheria Specialist Group. Taxonomy follows Everson KM, V Soarimalala, SM Goodman & LE Olson. 2016. Multiple loci and complete taxonomic sampling resolve the phylogeny and biogeographic history of tenrecs (Mammalia: Tenrecidae) and reveal higher speciation rates in Madagascar's humid forests. Systematic Biology 65: 890-909. The scientific name for each species is followed by the current IUCN Red List categories of threat:

[LC] = Least Concern [EN] = Endangered
[NT] = Near Threatened [CR] = Critically Endangered
[VU] = Vulnerable [EX] = Extinct
[DD] = Data Deficient

Superorder: Afrotheria  
Order: Afrosoricida  
Suborder: Tenrecomorpha (34 living and one extinct species)  
Family: Tenrecidae (31 living and one extinct species) Tenrecs
        Subfamily: Tenrecinae Spiny Tenrecs
              Genus: Echinops  
                    Species: Echinops telfairi [LC] Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec
              Genus: Hemicentetes Streaked Tenrecs
                    Species: Hemicentetes nigriceps [LC] Highland Streaked Tenrec
                    Species: Hemicentetes semispinosus [LC] NEW Lowland Streaked Tenrec
              Genus: Setifer  
                    Species: Setifer setosus [LC] NEW Greater Hedgehog Tenrec
              Genus: Tenrec  
                    Species: Tenrec ecaudatus [LC] NEW Tail-less Tenrec
        Subfamily: Geogalinae  
                    Species: Geogale aurita [LC] Large-eared Tenrec
        Subfamily: Oryzorictinae Furred Tenrecs
              Genus: Microgale Shrew Tenrecs
                    Species: Microgale brevicaudata [LC] NEW Short-tailed Shrew Tenrec
                          (syn. Microgale breviceps)  
                          (syn. Paramicrogale occidentalis)  
                    Species: Microgale cowani [LC] NEW Cowan's Shrew Tenrec
                          (syn. Microgale crassipes)  
                          (syn. Microgale longirostris)  
                          (syn. Microgale cowani nigrescens)  
                    Species: Microgale drouhardi [LC] Drouhard's Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale dryas [VU] NEW Dryad Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale fotsifotsy [LC] NEW Pale Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale gracilis [LC] Gracile Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale grandidieri [LC] NEW Grandidier's Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale gymnorhyncha [LC] Naked-nosed Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale jenkinsae [EN] Jenkins' Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale jobihely [EN] Northern Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale longicaudata [LC] Lesser Long-tailed Shrew Tenrec
                          (syn. Microgale prolixacaudata)  
                    Species: †Microgale macpheei [EX] MacPhee's Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale majori [LC] Major's Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale mergulus [VU] Web-footed Tenrec
                          (syn. Limnogale mergulus)
                    Species: Microgale monticola [VU] Montane Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale nasoloi [VU] Nasolo's Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale parvula [LC] Pygmy Shrew Tenrec
                          (syn. Microgale pulla)  
                    Species: Microgale principula [LC] Greater Long-tailed Shrew Tenrec
                          (syn. Microgale decaryi)  
                          (syn. Microgale sorella)  
                    Species: Microgale pusilla [LC] Least Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale soricoides [LC] Shrew-toothed Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale taiva [LC] Taiva Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Microgale thomasi [LC] Thomas' Shrew Tenrec
              Genus: Nesogale Large-bodied Shrew Tenrecs
                    Species: Nesogale dobsoni [LC] Dobson's Shrew Tenrec
                    Species: Nesogale talazaci [LC] Talazac's Shrew Tenrec
              Genus: Oryzorictes Rice Tenrecs
                    Species: Oryzorictes hova [LC] Mole-like Rice Tenrec
                    Species: Oryzorictes tetradactylus [DD] Four-toed Rice Tenrec
Family: Potamogalidae (3 species) Otter Shrews

              Genus: Potamogale


                    Species: Potamogale velox [LC]

Giant Otter Shrew
              Genus: Micropotamogale  

                    Species: Micropotamogale lamottei [VU]

Nimba Otter Shrew

                    Species: Micropotamogale ruwenzorii [LC]

Ruwenzori Otter Shrew

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